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Magic Lambda Logging

Logging wrapper slots for Magic. More specifically, this project provides the following slots.

By default, this project will log into your magic.log_entries database/table, using either MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. This allows you to use SQL to generate statistics on top of your logs. An example of logging an info piece of information can be found below. world from magic.lambda.logging!

Notice - You can supply content to your log item two different ways. Either as a piece of string, or if you choose to set its value to nothing, it will concatenate all children node’s values, after having evaluated it as a lambda collection. This allows you to create rich log entries, based upon evaluating the children of the log invocation. This provides a convenient shortcut for you to create log entries that have as their content, strings concatenated together, without having to manually concatenate them yourself.

An example of the latter can be found below.

.a:foo bar
   .:'A value is '

Project website

The source code for this repository can be found at, and you can provide feedback, provide bug reports, etc at the same place.

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This project is the copyright(c) 2020-2021 of Thomas Hansen, and is licensed under the terms of the LGPL version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation. See the enclosed LICENSE file for details.