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Documentation for Magic

This is the official documentation for Magic, and it contains both reference documentation, and tutorial style type of documentation. If you’ve just recently started to use Magic, I suggest you start out with the tutorials, starting out from the top, and move downwards.



This guide helps you to deploy Magic to for instance a VPS using Docker.

Use cases

These are Open Source example apps built with Magic, illustrating usage of Magic in some specific scenario.

Reference documentation


If you have a support request of private nature, or another type of request, you can send me email at If you want to submit a feature request or a bug report, you can do such through the project’s GitHub Issues.


Magic is 100% Open Source and free of charge to use. The main backend is licensed as MIT, the dashboard is GPL, and the plugins are LGPL. This allows you to use Magic to create closed source applications, while also ensuring improvements to the project itself stays Open Source.