Create Web apps in 1 SECOND


  1. Getting Started - Setup Magic
  2. Hyperlambda Hello World - From Hyperlambda Hello World to database HTTP endpoints
  3. Database CRUD operations - Basics of CRUD
  4. Sending an email - Sending emails using Hyperlambda
  5. Extending Hyperlambda with C# - Extending Hyperlambda with C#
  6. Expressions - Using expressions to reference nodes in your Hyperlambda
  7. Branching and looping - Real programming in Hyperlambda
  8. Super Duper Meta data - And how the automatic CRUD process works
  9. The Angular scaffolding process - The output of Magic
  10. Workflows and Task Scheduling - How to create workflows and scheduled tasks in Magic
  11. Creating your own template - Explains how you can create your own template engine
  12. Custom SQL HTTP endpoints - Explains how you can create your own template engine
  13. Cryptography with Magic - Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography with Magic

Use cases

  1. BabelFish - Let Google Translate simplify your translation requirements


If you have a support request of private nature, or a license inquiry, you can send us email at If you want to submit a feature request or a bug report, you can do such through the project’s GitHub Issues. Magic comes with professional support for Enterprise Licensed customers. Contact us for more information about how to obtain an Enterprise License.

The End of Coding - The Magic Architecture