Magic allows you to wrap your database into HTTP REST endpoints for each CRUD operation towards your tables at the click of a button. It works by extracting meta information from your database, for then to generate a code file for POST, GET, PUT and DELETE, representing the Create, Read, Update and Delete operations. This allows you to create an HTTP REST backend wrapping your database, literally in seconds.

How it works

Magic is built upon a YAML inspired syntax called “Hyperlambda”, that declares the code your endpoint will evaluate when accessed. This makes it fairly easy to have your computer generate code from the metadata extracted from your database. Think about these files as automatically generated XML files, except instead of using XML, it is using Hyperlambda.

Magic is built in .Net Core, and allows you to add C# controllers to it easily. It’s a highly modular architecture, allowing you to intercept its core, using adapters and triggers.


Magic is licensed as Affero GPL, which implies you’ll have to create Free Software yourself. But if you are interested in using it to create Closed Source software, you can send me an email at to purchase a proprietary license.

Getting started with Magic

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